Saturday, October 24, 2009

World's Deepest Trash Can

Friday, August 7, 2009

"The Tourist Trap" debuts tonight!

I am heading over to the gallery soon, and can't wait to see what I find. I left it last night at about 11pm, with 2 rooms freshly painted and awaiting the arrival of the creative collaborative Three Headed. Glass and performance artists Charlotte Potter, Kim Harty, and Rika Hawes have been in Jackson all week exploring it as their alter-egos, and as tourists with an insiders perspective. I have seen hints of what's to come...lots of electronic equipment, glass shards that seem to be hotpots frozen in time, a mirrored-glass dodo bird, wigs, beards and moustaches, a top hat, and lots of frozen smiles.

I called Charlotte last night at 11...the show opens tonight, the walls were still bare.
C-Hey Lyns...don't be worried. This is how we work. All-nighters like art school.
L-Oh, I am not worried at all. Me 2 years ago, yes, I might have been a bit freaked out by the blank walls 24hours before a show. But I trust you as artists and I am so glad it's not me pulling the all-nighter!

It's a good thing that Rip van Char has been studying the effects of sleep deprivation!

Hope to see you all tonight!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sam Dowd's Robots on Video

LMC - Sam Dowd Robots from another being creative on Vimeo.

TonyBirkholz, Another Being Creative, created a great photo/video of the evolution of Sam Dowd's ceramic robot installation. I have heard that outside of our little microcosm called Jackson, robots are super hot and hip. From WallE to The Terminator, robots are everywhere. Ah, robots...icons of the future. Streamlined, slick, making our lives oh-so-much-easier. But then, they inevitably spin out of control, become masters of their own electronic minds and begin to take over the world and do-away with their original life-givers, us humans. It's a familiar story over and over again. Sam's robots are different. They feel as though they have been excavated from an Egyptian tomb. They must be manipulated by a human to do anything. And what they are doing are actually useless, mundane jobs. They are a bit sneaky, not quite sure if I trust them in the gallery at night. I keep expecting to walk in and find one off in some mysterious corner on it's own.

April's First Friday on Video...Bees, Teas and Improv Jazz

LMC - April First Friday from another being creative on Vimeo.